Localization is easier than ever

Quickly edit, automate, and manage your translations and connect them to your website, app, or video game with the power of i18next.

Built for i18next

Why i18next? Its flexible JSON approach works with all modern tech stacks, including libraries for React, Angular, Node, iOS, Ruby on Rails, and many more. i18next is one of the top open source internationalization frameworks.


From auto-translation to professional translation

We automatically translate your strings for you using DeepL and Google Translate, making your project multilingual immediately. When your team is ready to hire professional translators, their job becomes much easier.


Get setup quickly

Connect your project directly to the i18nexus API with a short code snippet. You can also quickly import your existing translation files into i18nexus using our import tool.

Work together

Built for collaboration

Whether you're a small startup or a full-sized company, i18nexus is built for live collaboration so that you don't have to worry about conflicts when adding or editing your strings.

work anywhere

Accessible on all your devices

Need to fix a typo while you're on the go? Our web application has been optimized to fit on all devices.

Level up your localization

Get started today and improve your workflow.